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In those countries, you can have fun getting drunk and grinding up against as many ghetto black girls as you can handle.In contrast, the vibe in Mexico tends to be more “respectable”.White girls are coveted after in Mexico so you will have a lot of competition from local guys and that’s why I go for the brown chicks.The genetic make up of Mexican girls can be categorised like so: The great majority of Mexicans are Mestizos.One time I was teaching English at the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) nursing school and female students were writing their numbers down on scraps of paper and handing them to me during class.The other time was when I was camping in the jungle and only hot girl in the village made a beeline for me while I sat in a bar minding my own business and seduced me that . Mexico is so big that there are plenty of places you can go where they’ve never seen a gringo before.If you are in amazing shape, dress sharp and hang around the liberal areas of Mexico City, Monterrey or (less so) Guadalajara, you’ll do well.Remember these two fundamental rules about how to game girls in Mexico: Tinder and Mexican Cupid should be your two defaults when looking to meet Mexican girls online.

Getting deep into online dating tactics is beyond the scope of this article but the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past year is that you should talk to her either on the phone or on Skype before you meet.You’ll be lucky to get a quality Mexican girl through the door of said hostel.I remember taking my Mexican girlfriend (who I’d been dating for 3 months) to a hotel and having to use my shitty Spanish with the clerk in order to book the room.However everything in life has a price – it’s much easier to get a first or second-generation Mexican girl in the US to jump into bed with you on the first night. That brings me to my first tip for scoring with Mexican girls – Rent your own place.Mexicanas south of the border are a bit more conservative. A gringa backpacker will gladly bang you in an 8-person hostel room with her friend asleep on the bottom bunk.

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Unfortunately for a tit man like myself, Mexican girls are not known for being busty. Just like in Peru, you can find some girls with really cute faces but the bodies in both countries are lacking.

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