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Still, the issue is highly sensitive because the 2015 pact between Iran and six major powers - Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States - lifted international sanctions that crippled Iran's oil-based economy.While the EU retains some sanctions on Iranians over human rights abuses, it rescinded its economic and financial restrictions on Iran in 2016 and does not want to be seen to be reneging on the agreement.In December 2017 The Sun reported that Karen had been dating an accountant as her marriage hit the rocks.

“We’re all suckers for a bit of romance and these two are hugely popular members of the Strictly family.Karen was spotted a number of times with Stuart Wood in South West London, near to where she shared a home with Kevin.But it wasn't until March 14, 2018 that the couple officially confirmed their split.Karen says they still have a "good friendship" and in April 2018 they embarked on a UK dancing tour together.Louise and Kevin grew close after they were paired up during the 2016 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

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Shortly after Louise’s stint on the show, she split from Jamie, and the pair filed for divorce in December 2017.