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Redating ru

44ka BP), and contained elements of the material culture of present-day San populations.

There really seems to have been a Big Bang of sorts during that time that has now been shown to have affected most of the world: early modern humans in Europe were replacing Neandertals and starting the Aurignacian, fishing in the open seas in East Timor, and, now it seems, hunting and living in a very modern way in South Africa. And, the 37,000 year old Hofmeyr skull from South Africa is most similar to early Upper Paleolithic European specimens.

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The transition from the Middle Stone Age (MSA) to the Later Stone Age (LSA) in South Africa was not associated with the appearance of anatomically modern humans and the extinction of Neandertals, as in the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition in Western Europe.

It has therefore attracted less attention, yet it provides insights into patterns of technological evolution not associated with a new hominin.

Press releases: Later Stone Age got earlier start in South Africa than thought, Modern culture 44,000 years ago Coverage elsewhere: NY Times.Here, we have near-simultaneous appearance of fully modern human behavior all over the planet, the appearance of fully modern skull forms with unmistakeable long range links, the rooting of most major Y-chromosome haplogroups, evidence for archaic admixture/disappearance.It was a real quantum leap in both human creativity and in the spread of human physical presence around the globe.Layer LPC contains an assemblage classified as LSA, with two bone points and few bladelets, dated to ca. Systematic technological analyses and more dates are needed to break the impasse (63).It does seem that part of the reason why the MSA/LSA transition was dated later was that it did not happen simultaneously overnight.

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Their inventory, defined as late MSA, includes single and multiplatform cores, some blades, many irregular flakes, and very few retouched blades and flakes (65).

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