Radioactive dating in antarctica

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Scientists are concerned that increases in the amount of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide will result in worldwide temperature increases that will affect the ecosystems of the planet.

Looking at the big picture, radioactive dating of meteorites shows that the earth and solar system formed ~4.6 billion years ago.By examining the earth's rocks and minerals, scientists have determined that liquid water was probably on the earth as early as 4.3 billion years ago.This increase in solar luminosity has been balanced by a decrease in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (largely as a result of the actions of photosynthetic organisms).The blue line at right shows the amount of carbon emissions over time compared to the red line, which is the average amount of carbon showing up in the atmosphere.As can be seen, only about half of carbon emissions can be found in the atmosphere. Originally, researchers had thought that all the extra carbon dissolved in the oceans.

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