Radio argon dating

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Radio argon dating

Since most of those photos were not released to the news-media, were they trying to hide something? We have studied other Mars photos showing what appears to be an ancient ruined city, roads, rectangular buildings, and walls. For three decades, several astronomers in different parts of the world reported seeing flashing and moving lights on the surface of Mars, some huge explosions, and other strange unnatural phenomenon. was sent to Mars by NASA, and out of over 2,000 photos reportedly taken of that planet, only a small fraction were shown to the public. However, the scientist who taught geology to the astronauts, admitted he was totally baffled by those terms! When in the military they took oaths of secrecy regarding U. Government agents have been forced to do everything they can theorize or scam on, to make it look like the Moon is a dead world impossible to inhabit.

S from agencies will find many contradictory statements to prove a cover-up). is always hidden to our eyes and telescopes on Earth, an obviously perfect place for aliens to construct secret hidden spaceports. A admits our scientists have the technology (but not the billions of dollars) to construct, an underground bases with artificial air-conditioning like our military now has on Earth. Have any of you ever wondered why there have been NO ASTRONAUTS SENT TO THE MOON SINCE 1973!? And why did the COULD IT BE THAT THE MOON IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY AND SOMEONE ELSE'S PROPERTY, AND THE MOON GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT US COMING UP AND INVADING THEIR TERRITORY WITH OUR NUCLEAR WEAPONS, POLLUTION, UNWELCOME MILITARY FACILITIES, DISEASES, LITTER, MINING EXPLOITATION, AND HISTORICALLY PROVEN RECORD OF FOREIGN IMPERIALISM? And would Moon citizens welcome Soviet Communist dictatorship, military aggression, and slave labor circa 1960s-70s? They cannot live on the surface of Earth without creating genetic sub-human hybrids in laboratories... So they live in We are fortunate such star wars did not destroy Earth after they set-off the global cataclysms that destroyed Atlantis, Lemuria, Rama, and other continents... SPACE PROGRAM is a public front and proof it is a public disinformation agency, and we have files of false contradictory statements it has made about the atmospheres of Venus, Mars, the Moon, etc.. It is designed to RESCUE the elite of the President and his inner circle, the Joint Chiefs of Staff running the military, key corporate executives playing the secret game, key top scientists in on the scam, certain favored political leaders, directors of the secret intelligence agencies, and key members of secretive organizations with names like and other insiders from that a THINK TANK of top scientists from many fields, concluded in the 1950s to 1960s, was an unavoidable series of world cataclysms that would destroy most of humanity by the year 2,000. They have never shown the public most of the 2,000 photos they promised us with VIKING I. , and secretly build underground spaceports to live in on Mars and the Moon and surface domed manufacturing, mining, communications, and other centers. Of course, did not want to go on the six oclock news to talk about how they made a top secret treaty with a violent conquering foreign planet that in the past nuked the Earth people! The Pentagons secret saucers were also aided by captured NAZI rocket scientists who were testing saucers they got from the ZETANS instructors in 1944, when the Zetans had the NAZIS do their genetic experiments for them... The primitive saucers, rockets, and shuttles of the pentagon insiders, often mistaken for REAL U. Astronauts who discovered too much truth and were considered security risks died in those famous accidents in the shuttle or on the launch pad, etc. had admitted to the news media that astronauts had seen U. Tall white spires resembling the Washington monument were photographed on the lunar surface, along with mysterious straight roads or tracks that cut through craters, hills, valleys, and rock piles without a twist. We also have massive documented evidence that the N. The first two alternatives involved using scientific technology and world negotiations with leaders to stop those disasters, but the experts believed that would be hopeless; as well as going underground on Earth which was also considered a bad idea. technology that was inferior to the anti-gravity magnetic powered saucers of the Zetans and thus at a military disadvantage. Thousands of Americans, Soviets, British, French, and Australians were ALREADY LIVING THERE! photos while orbiting Earth and we have seen these also. landings on Ohio when in Army Intelligence, showed us an 8 by 10 CLEAR glossy detailed photo of a silvery spaceship hovering directly over a huge Moon landscape, estimated to be several miles long, and said to be CITY-SHIP designed to transport thousands of people between solar systems or galaxies and live for extended periods of time in self-sufficient orbiting communities! for awhile, yet were obtained by Scientific researchers like Fred Steckling who demanded the evidence from this so-called civilian agency. A book exposing appeared in 1976 and was quickly forced out of print. You cant even order it, and the printers will not issue a new release in spite of a huge demand! Not has no one Spoken of the mysterious message heard on the Moon---20 untranslatable words? A wished to hide...words which really sow the Seeds of panic. We have seen that interview too, as well as a secret video stewing the scientist who leaked that video being assassinated.

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