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Radgrid not updating after delete

Figure 36 (Click on the graphic for a larger image) And that's all there is to it! One downside is that there's no confirmation upon deleting from the Grid View.That is, as soon as the Delete button is clicked for a particular Grid View row the page is posted back and that row is lost.There are times, though, when you will want to let users delete or update the data that powers your Web application.There are various techniques that can be used to edit and delete data, one of them being utilizing the Grid View's built-in deletion and editing capabilities.As with paging or sorting data, deleting data that comes directly from a database by means of a Sql Data Source is easy to accomplish, requiring only a few points and clicks of the mouse.To delete data from a Grid View that is populated by means of an Object Data Source, however, the underlying data access layer class must provide a method for deleting the data.In this section we'll see how to delete data from a Grid View that utilizes both a Sql Data Source and an Object Data Source.We'll also look at how to add client-side confirmation to the Grid View's delete capabilities to help protect your users from accidentally deleting a record.

Furthermore, the Grid View's Data Key Names property must be set to the primary key field(s). A datakey represents the primary key field or field of a record that can uniquely identify it in a data-bound control. Row Index represents the index of the particular row.Many a times in our applications we use primary keys to get control of the particular record in the gridview. Note that the dialog box in Figure 35 also has a second checkbox, Use optimistic concurrency.If this box is checked when the user updates or deletes a record through the Grid View a check is made to ensure that the data for the altered row hasn't been changed since they loaded the Grid View.

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In the Filtering the Data Shown in a Grid View section we saw how to display the order details in a Grid View for a particular product selected from a Drop Down List.

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