Quinn and logan dating

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Quinn and logan dating

HE knew was the perfect time because James and now Michael will be gone, on their dates.

" asked Zoey."Well, since Logan and Quinn are both, "Hey, whats up? Logan/Quinn When Dana Cruz returns to PCA with a gun and Zoey, Quinn, Mark, Vince and Lisa find themselfs hostage's Lola is shot and Michael and Dustin must save her, while Logan and Chase race to save there freinds, some one dies. One packet of Sharpie permanent markers: 5 dollars. Takes place after Chasing Zoey It's Valentine's Day and finding a place to meet each other is difficult for a secret couple. Making out with Quinn after several days of not really speaking: Priceless. Often, they teamed up to bring crazy schemes to fruition.In Season 1 Quinn and Logan don't interact often, but when they do it's pretty obvious to see that they strongly dislike each other.

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