Prs guitars serial dating

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Prs guitars serial dating

They were so enthusiastic that I simply could not ignore them.As a large retailer, I am frequently approached by many small luthiers.In any case a whole new group of PRS buyers came to the table.Most of these people were the uninformed or misled majority of guitarists who bought them only because of their early reputation.The early PRS guitars were absolutely the best guitars I had ever seen or played in my life.Up until the mass production and CNC manufactured models of 1995 I was recommending PRS guitars to everyone.Many people who bought PRS guitars in 1993 were able to sell them for more than double what they paid in 1996. Most of the investors made bad purchases thinking that lightning would strike twice.

His major financing also included an advertising budget.

n 1985 Paul got some major financing and he was able to start limited hand-made production of the PRS Custom.

His design got sleeker his finishes were and still are probably some of the best in the industry to this day.

So at that time I became extremely interested in carrying his guitars.

I already knew the quality and playability was excellent and best of all the buying public were going to see ads in magazines.

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He sent me a handwritten letter (which I still have) and several not so good pictures of his guitars. In any case a few years went by and I spoke to Paul several times about his product.