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Place to meet girls for dirty facetime

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This article is all about the local women, the false stereotypes we have about them and how to pick them up.

In the following lines I am going to share every tiny and naughty detail I discovered during my 759 trips to the capital of the Czech Republic.

One of the most popular stereotypes about Czech girls is that every single one of them has done some porn.

You can call me a jerk for saying that, but if you talked to men from various countries, you’d know that this is a common belief.

Everyone who has ever seen a porn movie (I know you have) knows that guy who runs around asking women to fuck him for cash.

In case you are an experienced porn addict, you probably also know the guy who fucks street hookers in a minivan and models on a casting couch.

And thanks to the ten days I joined Sasha Daygame and James Marshall for the infamous Euro Tour, I met some of the most beautiful women that Prague has to offer.

There is just one seduction technique that is believed to work on Czech girls…Money! I hope you enjoyed the video that obviously shows that not all women in the Czech Republic drop their panties as soon as someone shows them a few thousand crowns.

Czech girls are doing porn for money, they are dancing in strip clubs for money and they hope to meet a stupid foreigner who spends all his money on them. In case you still think that every single woman in this city is a gold digger who spreads her legs as soon as she sees a camera, a foreigner and a black casting couch, you need to be confronted I really hate to say that, but I have never been to a country where I have met more girls who have had some experience in the porn industry.

Prague is well known for its porn industry, its strip clubs and its vibrant nightlife.

You don’t need a doctor’s degree in psychology to figure out that most men don’t expect to meet the nice girl next door during their trip to the capital.

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