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So, CVE-1999-0001 is different from CVE-1999-0257 and CVE-1999-0052.

The Free BSD patch for CVE-1999-0052 is in line 750.

Christey BID:124 Consider MSKB: Q154174 BUGTRAQ:19971113 Linux IP fragment overlap bug Description: Land IP denial of service. Teardrop_Land Reference: FREEBSD: Free BSD-SA- Reference: HP: HPSBUX9801-076 Reference: URL: Display.do?

Status: Entry Reference: CERT: CA-98.06Reference: SUN:00170 Reference: URL:

doctype=coll&doc=secbull/170 Reference: ISS: June10,1998 Reference: XF:nisd-bo-check Description: Inverse query buffer overflow in BIND 4.9 and BIND 8 Releases.

Status: Entry Reference: SGI:19980603-01-PX Reference: URL:ftp://com/support/free/security/advisories/19980603-01-PX Reference: HP: HPSBUX9808-083 Reference: URL: Display.do?

Status: Entry Reference: CERT: CA-98.09.imapd Reference: SUN:00177 Reference: URL:

doctype=coll&doc=secbull/177 Reference: BID:130 Reference: URL: Reference: XF:imap-authenticate-bo Description: Buffer overflow in POP servers based on BSD/Qualcomm's qpopper allows remote attackers to gain root access using a long PASS command.

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doc Id=HPSBUX9808-083 Reference: XF:bind-dos Description: Denial of Service vulnerabilities in BIND 4.9 and BIND 8 Releases via CNAME record and zone transfer.

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