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To them, words have characteristic tastes ranging from delicious to disgusting tastes.

Mirror touch synesthesia can be seen as a form of empathy.

Since then, other studies have been conducted in educational and medical areas, both having remarkable results.

Those studies led to the formation of associations of persons for and with synesthesia such as the American Synesthesia Association founded in 1995 and the UK Synesthesia Association in 1993.

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The most historically known and described form of synesthesia is the one who involves the sense of vision and sound.

The interest in colored hearing is a phenomena dating back to Greek antiquity where it was commonly referred to as synesthesia in art.

Their high memory and ability enables them to accurately quote events in the past and project them to the future.

Individuals that experience this condition are susceptible to the sense of sound and they develop tactile feelings whenever they hear sounds.

A good example to illustrate this phenomenon is the claim by some people who feel physical discomfort with the background noise of a plane.

Ordinal linguistic personification also called OLP or just Personification is a condition in which people involuntarily and uniquely associate ordered sequences like the months of the year, days of the week, numbers or even letters with behaviours and character traits of personalities. In their world, they can physically point at specific days and time in space.

The time-space synesthetes are people who feel like time has a physical characteristic. People with touch-emotions synesthesia experiment extraordinary physical emotions when they touch some surfaces or textures.

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Is believed that the general characteristics of synesthesia are: Despite the existence of over 20 types of synesthesia, only a few has been discovered, studied and documented.