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You may be surprised to find that she’s relieved to finally get the invitation – because she simply can’t stand communicating by message.In one recent case at Vi DA, we finally secured a date from a girl we had been exchanging flirty one-line messages with for more than 2 ½ months.We tried to go for the number earlier in the exchange, but on each occasion we were declined.But she continued to respond to our messages, so we kept the conversation going to see what would happen.For example, change “What are your plans for the weekend” into, “So what kind of trouble are you getting into this weekend?

The fact of the matter is that the she responded to you, so you need to try to keep the conversation alive. You need to keep your response short and to the point like hers.

You check your inbox later that night, but there’s nothing. On the third day, just as you’ve almost given up hope, you see that she's finally responded.

Your heart races wondering what the response is, but you open the email to discover that all you got was one very uninspired sentence:“There was no follow-up question provided. ” No feedback about “enjoying your message” or “thanks for getting in touch.” No commentary on the different interesting tidbits that your future date noticed in your magnetically attractive dating profile.

After 15 one-line messages, she asked the client out directly for a glass of wine.

As you can see, each person is different, and it can be pretty hard to gauge the real the level of someone’s interest in a message, particularly with short responders.

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So just remember to keep your answers short and to the point, stay positive, and continue the conversation in spite of your doubts.

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