Octomom nadya suleman dating bodybuilder

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Octomom nadya suleman dating bodybuilder

The woman appeared, on the outside, to be your average woman. She became an instant celebrity, one of the most interesting people in the world. She gained worldwide attention because she was Octomom, the first person of the new century to give birth to octuplets, which means eight babies.Not only that, but all eight of them continued to live well past the time the last octuplets survived, which was back in 1998 with the Chukwu octuplets.It took six more years for her husband to officially file for divorce, which he did, and it was finalized in 2006.The reason behind the separation and divorce was different than one might think.She created her eight new kids and her six others with in vitro fertilization, also known as IVF.In vitro fertilization is known to be when a woman impregnates herself, without engaging in sexual intercourse.

Suleman brought up the idea of using in vitro fertilization, but Gutierrez was against the whole idea of “test tube babies” and didn’t want to go that route.In extreme cases, all of them may survive, resulting in an unnatural amount of babies birthed.This is what happened with Nadya Suleman, or Octomom.She then had a daughter a year later in 2002, named Amerah.She wanted more kids, and went on to continue the treatments, and ended up with fraternal twins and two more kids, totaling six by the end of it.

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The zygote can also be implanted into a woman who didn’t originally supply the egg, as this is how infertile woman can get kids.