Objectdatasource updating input parameters dating after being in a long term relationship

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Objectdatasource updating input parameters

Is there no way to write own filtering code for the object datasource. I am trying to alter the Load All(int start Index, int max Rows, string sorted By) method to inlcude a filter and then add a where clause to the sqlcommand if filter is specified. There is no way to extend the ODS behavior and most of it is not extensible or internal.My Extended Object Data Source control doesn't have that limitation, and even supports the filtering parameters as strongly typed parameters: Regards, Manu object, caused by Top Left.Hi, I would like to display different images in one frame one after another, without using F5 button.I used adrotator control to display different images but to view different images, I always used f5 button, Is there any method so that i can display image automatically. I was searching around trying to get a handle on where the default value of -1 for the Affected Rows was coming from.The view is given the Object Data Source by aggregation.Thats why the gridview passes maxrows, startindex to your datasource. Please build a function to make sure that only valid columns are specified in the sort expression to avoid a SQL Injection attack.

The recommended approach for creating report programmatically is to start with the Visual Studio Report Designer.you need to do the following steps (Suppose you are using a Grid View bound to your objectdatasource): 1.you need a control that triggers the selection somewhere in your gridview.means that the select method defined in My Data BLL is something like That's what I defined. However, the actual call to this method is that a NULL value was tried to assigned to the value of parameter by the key of "PARAMETERDATE". If I used a string parameter, I would have hard time to figure out why there is always empty string is passed to my BLL class method! To solve the problem, I have to clear all the Input Parameter first and then add the required parameters in: My update method has similar logic to call a method in my BLL class.

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Example adding extra parameters: Wouldn't it be better to inherit directly Object Data Source so you have Products Object Data Source to avoid hooks, "Object Data Source1_Selecting" which breaks encapsulation?