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The Californian island of Anacapa is thought to have been split into three islets by such a process.Life within sea caves may assist in their enlargement as well.In some regions, such as Halong Bay, Vietnam, caves in carbonate rocks are found in littoral zones, and being enlarged by littoral processes but were originally formed by dissolution. As in solutional caves, small speleothems may develop in sea caves.Sea cave chambers sometimes collapse leaving a “littoral sinkhole”.The driving force in littoral cave development is wave action.Erosion is ongoing anywhere that waves batter rocky coasts, but where sea cliffs contain zones of weakness, rock is removed at a greater rate along these zones.The Blue Grotto of Capri, although smaller, is famous for the apparent luminescent quality of its water, imparted by light passing through underwater openings.The Romans built a stairway in its rear and a now-collapsed tunnel to the surface.

Caves in well-protected bays sheltered from prevailing seas and winds tend to be smaller, as are caves in areas where the seas tend to be calmer. Basaltic caves can penetrate far into cliffs where most of the surface erodes relatively slowly.

In order to form a sea cave, the host rock must first contain a weak zone.

In metamorphic or igneous rock, this is typically either a fault as in the caves of the Channel Islands of California, or a dike as in the large sea caves of Kauai, Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast.

The nature of the zone of weakness itself is surely a factor, although difficult to quantify.

A more readily observed factor is the situation of the cave’s entrance relative to prevailing sea conditions.

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The Greek islands are also noted for the variety and beauty of their sea caves.

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