No restriction chat rooms

Posted by / 01-Dec-2019 09:11

You can adjust the setting to allow calls for all users or admins only.Live calls option require that the chat will be placed in a secure web page (HTTPS url). If you choose to keep a conversation private, we will not record or save the transcript.URLs will display as hyperlinks in the chat, and links to videos will automatically be embedded, so everyone can watch and respond within the group chat.(You can disable this auto hyperlink feature) Yes, Rumble Talk easily integrates into a Facebook page.This means that your online community can bring your website visitors and your Facebook visitors together all at once, making your audience larger and closer.From the admin panel, click on the Facebook button, you’ll then be prompted to choose a Facebook page to add your Rumble Talk group chat to. Note, make sure that your Facebook account email and Rumble Talk account email are the same. We host the group chat room on our servers so you and your customers can access it without embedding within a webpage.Simply open the chat admin panel and click on "settings".

Rumble Talk works seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers and can be embedded into websites, Facebook and even stand as an independent URL.With CSS you’ll be able to change any aspect of the chat appearance.Web and mobile CSS changes are done separately allowing another layer of custom design.You can also incorporate your group chat in a Facebook page to capture a larger audience.If you don’t have a website, we’ll give you a URL to send to your community. You can choose one, two, or all options and embed as many times in as many sites as you like. Rumble Talk users can embed a group chat or a floating icon group chat into multiple pages. Rumble Talk customers can create multiple group chats.

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