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That is to say a majority of HT doctors still practicing obsolete techniques, dating back from the pre-follicular transplantation era, OR practicing follicular transplantation with poor settings.I don't think any BTT doctor matches this description.This thriller reminds me old french school: Lelouch comedies and other great directors which are no longer among us.If you want to have a great time for a couple of hours, go and see it! fast moving witty and indiscreetly correct dialogue for those needing subtitles.I suppose this should be the norm when it comes to medical matters.As all of you, I hope and long for an efficient treatment.Director: Nicolas Bedos Stars : Doria Tillier, Nicolas Bedos, Denis Podalydès IMDB Rating : 7.

It's such a relief to hear that someone who actually makes sense is booking result in the donor regeneration field, without posting fake photoshop pictures, stolen pictures from other doctors and what not.I wouldn't talk about "unlimited donor" yet, because, as you already know, it seems that Dr Gho's HST causes progressive thinning of the FU's after multiple harvestings (on top of the 15-20% FU's loss).This is why I did communicate both total FU's count & hairs' count; depending on how one proceeds, one could say that the former regenerated at a 86,5% rate, while the latter regenerated at "only" a 75,5% rate.I used that assessment to explain why believing that every HT doctor will soon adapt to FUE-L or another similar technique is just... You can see these new techniques as an enhancement of the previous FUE standard. Pagny is Dr Mousseigne's patient, and he has freely communicated about his HT in the medias.Mastery of this previous standard would be very helpful for quick learning & adjustment; while starting the learning from scratch (i.e. His results were achieved with the traditional FUE technique.

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I will appreciate when you eventually differentiate the two techniques, Arashi, thanks, I appreciate your support.

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