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Ten years ago, Faye and Lydia each opened their own bakeries in Emeryville, Ohio, after a personal and professional fall-out during a local Pumpkin Pie contest. See full summary » A young celebrity marriage counselor discovers herself left at the altar of her own highly-publicized wedding.To save face, she accepts an offer from her contractor, who secretly has a crush on her, to step in as groom and marry her.But it ended up being an invitation to the Mountie Ball, and while it isn’t the romantic event fans were hoping for, it will have to Insider caught up with the series’ smooch-worthy male star—whose luscious lips launched the twitter tag, #Kissing Lissing—to get the scoop on the new season.

Jessica said: 'Before our divorce Roman had been raised for most of his life in California with me while I was doing modeling, acting and everything and Ididia was a stay-at-home dad for two years in California.'Now in the divorce I got given a judge who was very small-minded and he said for us to have dual custody - which we both wanted - it was impossible because Ididia didn't want to leave Arkansas and I had everything we had worked for for so long back in California.'I've made a couple of offers to him to move to California - I would pay for the move out and support him for a couple of months until he got a job and got on his feet but each time he's said he needs a bit longer.'Money and success are great but there's something about family and being away from your child.

'I sometimes want to leave everything and go back home but the thing is I have a bigger vision and I've worked really hard for a long time and I love what I do.'I see Roman out here playing in the water and I just want him to live here - he loves California he always asks all the time, "When can I go to California?

" He asks his dad when he's going to move to California.'I want to be honest but I don't want to bash her,' he tells.

3) Hope Valley always has interesting characters come and go, who are some of the new faces we’ll meet this season?

Lissing: Well, you know, once again this season is really gets into the kids, and one of their characters—it's a great storyline with Elizabeth and one of her students and one of her student’s fathers—and then they kinda have an estranged relationship or a strained relationship, rather ...

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It would be entirely appropriate of the @NHL to arrange a preseason game to be played in Humboldt next year, with the proceeds benefitting the @Humboldt Broncos and the families of the deceased and the injured. Weeks later his life was cut short in the #Humboldt Broncos tragedy. If this continues I will shut down my social media all 2gether.

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