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Naughty chats without registering

Some accept single-spaced documents, some want 1.5-spaced, some double-spaced. Some want no page numbers, some want chapter breaks, some want no words in CAPITALS, some want nothing underlined.Some want one space after each sentence, others require two spaces.February 2009 update: I got the unknown host message. January 2011 update: They are there, but seem to be a generalized search site that does including publishing.

Updates directly from publishers are welcome, and so are comments about those publishers from those who use them.

I was not able to learn much from their site, however. January 2014 update: But if you submit a detailed query, per their instructions, you may get an invitation to submit. This may be legitimate, considering the havoc wrought by internet viruses, but it does put them in the category of pay-to-publish. I received an announcement that the inaugural print edition of the winter 2010 edition of this magazine is now available.

They publish poetry, fiction, essays, art & photography, and book reviews.

I do not check with publishers before running positive or negative feedback on them; this survey is of the nature of a review, and anonymity of sources is maintained. Who the hell are you to make such judgments anyway?! Clean up your act." But when, on rare occasion, the publisher turns out to have the right of it, I will grudgingly amend my entry next update.

If I may summarize the general gist of publisher responses to bad reviews, it is "You're a liar! I posted spot updates called to my attention, as shown in color.

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November 2017 update: They are announcing the winners of their 2017 Book Award. "We specialize in small quantities of books at a very reasonable price." They do some marketing at their site, so I'm listing them as a publisher rather than a service, though it's a close call. April 2004 update: I am advised that they remain in business, but their page may become unavailable if they get too many page views per month.