Movie 43 superhero speed dating

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Movie 43 superhero speed dating

Batman then walks away and Lois Lane comes to the table.As Lois introduces herself Robin goes on to say that they have met several times but Lois doesn't remember him.Could be entertaining, but ends up disturbing and making you feel a bit unclean.

Saying "balls" barely gets a laugh the first time - by the twentieth time, it's well past dead.(And believe me, almost every segment has the word "balls" in it, or some variation.) One gag involving some gross excretion is fine, but when it's over and over again and the screen has been covered in every horrid substance imaginable, you're completely desensitized.You end up thinking to yourself: Did the directors ever talk to each other?When Robin says that he thought she was dating Superman, Lois replied that her and Superman broke up six months ago and he is now stalking her, and that Superman was floating outside her window masterbating and that his cum is like a shotgun and it broke her window.Lois also says that Superman uses cum in his hair and not hairgel.

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Yet another shameful waste of time revolves around a teenage girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) getting her period and the immature way all of the males handle it.