Most accommodating

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Most accommodating

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] you haven’t already, and want to be guilty by association, reach out to discover an approachable OPBRA group ready to answer questions, share tips, and loan props, helmets, and proper life jackets to help.There are many accommodations and adjustments that can be used in a Dyslexic student's home and school environment that are simple and inexpensive and won't interfere with a teacher's classroom or a family setting.These are not their fault, it is the fault of the school system that does not teach them the skills they need to learn these things.

To be competitive, OPBRA offers 3 classes with speeds from about 70 to over 100 mph.

* Their ability to use the correct grammar, punctuation and spelling forms may or may not improve with age, depending on the understand and teaching methods the students receive while learning these skills.

* Do not expect these student to be able to use a dictionary to correct spelling errors.

Note that CBF membership (or American equivalent) is required to compete.

OPBRA membership includes voting rights, reduced event registration fees, OPBRA t-shirt, and pit lanyard.

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* Allow your students to work at a pace that is not stressful.

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