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And because Leanplum works with some of the biggest dating apps in the world, we have access to billions of data points about how people go looking for love.

Just how many more opens are dating app messages getting?

It counts 4.5 billion profile ratings (meaning profiles that have been swiped left or right) and boasts having led to 50 engagements to date.

Yagan says he’s “not worried” about monetizing the app, instead concentrating on acquiring more users — and holding on to them.

Users then can swipe the screen left (“No, not interested”) or right (“Yes, I’m interested”).

If users are interested, they will be notified to text via a “chat room” within the app.

In the case of a left swipe, the object of one’s disaffection will be unaware of the action, and the user can Tinder on.

The dating game has taken on a whole new meaning as dating services seek to capture the on-the-go lifestyles and short attention spans of singles.

Tinder, the fast-growing mobile location-based dating app, uses GPS technology to locate potential mates nearby, but it adds a sport-like element to the dating game, smartly capitalizing on mobile research.


By replacing “browsing” — which doesn’t translate well from desktop to smaller screens — apps that incorporate game-like interactions seek to lure consumers into spending more time in the app.