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Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorite: A 1,179-gram specimen of the Canyon Diablo iron meteorite, found at the famous impact site, Meteor Crater, near Winslow, Arizona.

Recently, colleagues of mine mounted a new expedition and returned to the original find site, where they were happily surprised to discover pallasites (attractive stony-iron meteorites containing olivine crystals) in the same zone, making Seymchan similar to the Glorieta Mountain (New Mexico) and Brenham (Kansas) meteorite, both of which have produced examples of pallasites and siderites (irons) from the same fall.Odessa meteorites are the coarse octahedrite type iron meteorite and often have a beautiful naturally sculptured form.The whole individual specimens are former University of New Mexico collection specimens.The excited people who ask me to help them identify a strange rock should actually be saying: "I think I've found a meteorite." A polite and charming lady once telephoned the Aerolite Meteorites office and asked if we had, for sale, any meteorites from the constellation of Castor and Pollux.I explained to her that most—or possibly all—meteorites found on earth originate from within the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, but there is a chance that some meteorites come to us from farther afield.

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Such pieces are described as "sculptural" because of their attractive, aesthetic shapes, and are highly sought after by meteorite collectors.