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Marilyn quayle dating

It is safe to say that she is the first vice president's wife to have earned a law degree and the first in a long time to be dealing with the daily needs of children.

For 13 years she poured the energy she might have given to writing briefs into raising children, and by all accounts she has been the proverbial Supermom.

When they returned, they were wearing wigs, half of them imitating her trademark flip, the other half in a bizarre extrapolation on that theme -- polyester pageboys in fluorescent orange and blue.

They wore buttons with the legend "Long Live the Flip ...

After Dan Quayle won, there was the touchy question of what she would do. To not being allowed to drive (the worst part) or go to the supermarket (the best).Marilyn Quayle, poised and well-schooled in avoiding controversy, encouraged a group of Florida women lawyers Thursday to get involved in the public school system. In an interview with Time magazine, Quayle flippantly predicted her '60s-housewife hair would soon start turning up on other women's heads.''That's right,'' she said.During her 15-minute speech at The Florida Bar Association's annual convention in Orlando, she dodged a question about Roe vs. ''The flip is back.''Flippant or not, Quayle's fashion statement wasn't far off the mark.He will get a pay boost to 5,000 if a proposed raise clears Congress. In a statement released Friday by the vice president-elect's transition office, Mrs. Robert Orr that she is not interested in succeeding her husband.MARILYN QUAYLE, wife of Vice President-elect Dan Quayle, removed herself from the list of possible candidates to fill her husband's U. Quayle, who was elected to the vice presidency Nov.

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DEFENDING CHAMPION Terry Labonte captured the pole position for The Winston stock car race Saturday with a three-lap average speed of 135.719 mph at Charlotte Motor Speedway. No, it is Marilyn Quayle, and she's no Jackie Kennedy. George Bush, understudy to Ronald Reagan for the past eight years, takes center stage at noon today as the 41st president of the United States.