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Mad men dating

Don says, "I just want to sit here," and so he does, alone in an Edward Hopper-esque diner, as "Is That All There Is? So much for that swingin', carefree bachelor lifestyle.

Don, it would seem, is still wondering about his own life not lived.

In the elevator after the meeting, Joan is hot with anger, and she and Peggy have another of their barbed exchanges.

Peggy suggests that Joan's eye-catching attire leaves her open to sexually harassing remarks. Joan fires back, that she doesn't dress the way Peggy does "because I don't look the way you do." Double ouch. The life not lived: After his father-in-law retires from the Dow Chemical company, Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) is thinking about taking his wife's advice, and getting out of advertising to focus on writing that novel.

Peggy and Joan negotiate career-woman challenges: Joan and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) may each be climbing up the corporate ladder, but they still have to deal with crass, garden-variety sexism.

In a meeting with Mc Cann Erickson male staffers, Joan is trying to get department store contacts to approach about going into business with Topaz nylons (who are worried about market share since L'eggs are eating their lunch in the low-end market.) The Mc Cann Erickson men don't take anything Joan says seriously, instead making vulgar remarks about her figure: "You should be in the bra business," one of the guys says, leering.

Perhaps it was that absence that's made my heart grow fonder.

Because, after an uneven first half of Season 7, "Severance" felt like it confidently eased back into familiar territory, but with the added intensity of knowing time is running out.

But then she can't find her never-used passport, and the moment passes.

Don's uneasy soul: A brunette waitress (Elizabeth Reaser) at the diner who is -- in one of those overemphatic literary touches Weiner loves -- reading John Dos Passos' "U. Don obviously wants to reconnect with Rachel -- who went on to get married, and have a family -- but he learns that she's recently died, of leukemia.

Don arrives at Rachel's apartment, where the family is sitting shiva.

At first, it seems a callback to some of Don's more cringemaking sexual encounters.

But he's on the job, as it turns out he's basically directing models in casting sessions for a fur account the agency is handling.

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After another near-career death experience in Episode 7, Don has sailed through rough waters apparently unscathed.

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