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But for us, work is home and home is work," she said."It's actually really nice."Standing out However, she soon found out that coming up with the business idea was only the tip of the iceberg.Born of a father who was a used car salesman and a mother who was a tailor allowed Violet Lim to learn first-hand all about the challenges of starting a business.Wishing for an easier life for their daughter, they discouraged Lim from becoming an entrepreneur. That's what the parents of professional matchmaker, Violet Lim, thought when she told them she was launching her own lunch dating company -- with her then-fiancé Jamie Lee.

Taking the risk"They all asked me, 'What happens if the business or your relationship doesn't work out?

No one wanted to take the risk for fear that the business was something "sleazy".

As a result, careful consideration had to be put into the branding and positioning of Lunch Actually.

'," she said."I mean, either way it doesn't end well right?

But you know, we never actually thought about these things.

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