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Love hina dating sim mitsune kiss

A little while away on the tram to Kyoto the sad couple begins to realize that everyone they knew they were forced to leave behind.

The feeling on the tram became cold and depressing as the people watched the young man comfort his crying companion.

Shinobu, seeing him come into the kitchen brings out a plate she made just for him. I know it's not much but I thought with you missing breakfast you might like this." Keitaro smiles at Shinobu while accepting the plate of food. Sitting on the tram, keitaro watches the buildings go by the window, beginning to space out until the tram signals that he arrived at his destination. "Keitaro spends the day drawing different pictures in his notebook trying to figure out what to do about naru.

Through the course of the 14 volume manga, and its 25-episode anime, two movies, and a three-episode miniseries, Keitaro not only wins over the girls of Hinata House, he finds self-confidence, a career, love and his promise girl. And he has an extremely painful time achieving all of the above.

Thought by many to be the archetypal example of the harem genre, Love Hina is a comedy with a dramatic thread running through it.

Ever since Keitaro Urashima had become manager when his grandmother had given him the job a year ago the girls had immediately disliked him and tried their hardest to chase him off.

Ever since that fateful day Keitaro had always ended up doing something wrong or ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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An hour later they had arrived in Kyoto and headed to their new home.