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If you want to look at other plans on China Unicom check out their service site 10010

Prices of sex services during these big events were higher than usually.Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil, on the South Atlantic coast.Rio is famous for its sexy girls, its laid back beach culture and its annual carnival.Network: China Telecom uses a CDMA network which is incompatible with virtually all phones purchased outside China. It has 4G / HSPA that works with international mobile phones and the coverage is almost as good as the leader, China Mobile.If you are thinking of purchasing a phone that only works in China (why you would do that, I have no idea), then I guess you could look at China Telecom. China Mobile has a weird 3G CDMA standard that works mostly with phones purchased in China.

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Furthermore, China Mobile has an awful in country roaming plan (i.e if you register a Beijing number but make calls in Shanghai), that charges you extra if you make calls in other provinces.

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