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Liquidating companies

If the company goes into liquidation or the person enters a personal insolvency procedure, e.g.

bankruptcy, the guarantor will have to repay the creditor.

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Unsecured creditors can’t take legal action against a company in liquidation or deal with its property unless they have permission from the Court or the Liquidator.

You need to comply with New Zealand laws when you incorporate your company with the Companies Office, including reserving a company name, appointing directors, issuing shares and registering for tax.

Once your company is registered with the Companies Office, nominate who will have authority to file your annual returns, and update your name, address, constitution, director and shareholder details.

You must register all your directors with the Companies Office and they must sign a consent form.​ Find out about filing an annual return — the information you need to update, how to change your filing month or request a time extension — and what happens if you don't file your annual return by the due date.

The liquidator takes control of, and freezes all of, your company's unsecured assets which are then sold to repay your creditors and shareholders.

If necessary the liquidator holds a creditors' meeting to: At the end of the liquidation process, the liquidator must prepare and file with us a final report on the activities and outcome of the liquidation.

Secured creditors can deal with the company’s secured assets.

The creditors may decide to appoint a receiver if one hasn’t been appointed.

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If the business is closed, your employment will end.

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