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Whats Connected uses a number of innovative Layer 2/3 discovery technologies–including ARP, SNMP, SSH, Virtual Infrastructure Management, IP addressing, ICMP and LLDP in combination with vendor-proprietary mechanisms – to discover everything connected to your network and build a complete and accurate picture of network devices and their port-to-port connectivity.Full or partial discoveries can be scheduled to run automatically or run on-demand.And you’ll always be in control with alerts on added or removed devices and network topology changes.Whats Connected auto-generates integrated Layer 2 and 3 topology maps that give you full visibility into physical, logical and virtual connectivity, including IP and VLANspecific information.Customize drawings with map exports to Microsoft Visio.Make it easier for non-technical stakeholders to understand your network with exported maps.Get reports on your physical topology in either spoke, hierarchical or custom views, both physical and virtualized infrastructures. Easily share maps in Microsoft Visio or PDF format.Use standard reports like: Inventory, Device Connectivity, Bridge Port Utilization, Windows Inventory, and VLAN & Subnet to meet requirements or regulations faster.

Obtain full visibility into both physical and virtual connectivity, including VMware host-guest relationships.With detailed device views, you can quickly zero-in to find out what’s connected to what.And, with built-in tools such as Layer 2 Trace and IP/ MAC Finder, Whats Connected offers the industry’s fastest approach to finding the location and validating connectivity of any device on the network.Capture important asset administration data like detailed asset information, configuration information, and systems inventory so you have up-to-date, compliant, easy to read information about your entire network.Collaborate with other team members or share information with stakeholders using maps exported in PDF.

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Whats Connected automates this process for you, so you don’t have to crawl through wiring closets to visually verify connectivity and goes a step further to also discover, inventory and map your virtual network.

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