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unabashedly and unapologetically portrayed the lives and loves of a group of lady-loving gal pals living in Los Angeles.

However, you may want to give yourself some extra time to get through Season 3, which is the emotional equivalent of being waterboarded.Also, LA-newcomers Dawn Denbo (Elizabeth Keener) and her lover Cindi (Alicia Leigh Willis) arrive and set into motion what ends up being a very weird lesbian nightclub turf war. (The phrase "Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi" will get more terrible, funnier the longer you think about it. Season 5: Episode 7, "Lesbians Gone Wild" Jenny becomes a total tyrant on the set of .The singular bright spot of the episode is Molly (Clementine Ford), Bette's boss's grumpy Ice Queen daughter who only seems to thaw around Shane.Tracy is moaning to Beth about Liz banning her but she hasn't told her what's it all about. Tracy spies Tony down the road and tries to fob Beth off but Beth wants to buy one of those scent diffusers for her cousin whose husband works in an abattoir, coming home every night "smelling of death".She finally gets Beth to leave and gives Tony a piece of her mind. They both say they didn't sleep well after viewing the video. Michael nips to the look and Ga'Andy goes over Gail's list that Steph has. Roy brings over their order and asks Tyrone if he's very busy today because he was hoping for a driving lesson. Not really conducive to an already nervous beginner, is it? The doctor has diagnosed a bit of a viral infection and will prescribe paracetemol.

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Where to Get Your Fix: Netflix, On Demand Best Character to Follow: There's a little something to love about almost everyone (except Jenny), so you're likely to develop a serious soft spot for at least one of them.