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Kershaw blade dating by markings

I will get back to this in a minute, but for background on the initial beef, this You Tube video shows the “uncanny resemblance” between the ZT 0777 and the Matrix.

In fairness to Microtech, there are details of the locking mechanism of the Matrix that they claim (in that statement linked above) are different enough to have been awarded a separate patent, which are not mentioned in this video.

Even after 55 years, Old Timer knives remain popular, whether it's because the name itself means so much to so many people or the knives still carry a lure in their appearance and construction (probably a bit of both).

Despite the enduring legacy of a brand commonly associated with quality and dependability, Old Timer has been on a long, winding road with many obstacles along the way.

Take our virtual factory tour and see how it’s done.

We all remember our first folding knife or pocket knife, whether it was a Swiss Army multi-purpose monster, complete with toothpick and tweezers, or a slender single-blade antler-handled Case.

“Sculimbrene has uttered and published and distributed defamatory statements as to plaintiff Marfione.

In particular, Sculimbrene has stated that Marfione has stolen designs and committed theft of intellectual property, that Marfione is lazy and greedy, that it is Marfione’s nature to steal, that Marfione is a ‘snake-in-the-grass’ (meaning that he is a deceitful and treacherous person), that Marfione has been adjudicated as having infringed intellectual property rights of others, that Marfione’s actions are comparable to those of a notorious convicted murderer named Jared Lee Loughner, that Marfione declined an express invitation by Sculimbrene to comment on the statements [contained in Exhibit A] and that Sculimbrene’s statements about Marfione have the imprimatur of official action.” I missed article in question, but I will assume that the remarks in question are accurate given their appearance in a legal complaint.

I for one was trying to let the situation lie because the legalities of the whole situation make my head explode.

For many, the mere mention of Old Timer knives elicits positive feelings of warm summer evenings wandering through the woods or whittling small trinkets on the back porch.

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But folding knives predate the blades made by either of these venerable companies.

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