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#common module label message label.= User Name label.common.button.submit = Submit label.common.button.reset = Reset Create a Action Form, accept a username and validate it in validate() method.

Action Mapping; public class User Action extends Action #common module error message error.required = Name is required.

This is the final project structure created by Maven. Web Logic JSP form validation tags provide a convenient way to validate the entries an end user makes to HTML form text fields generated by JSP pages.Using the Web Logic JSP form validation tags prevents unnecessary and repetitive coding of commonly used validation logic.This is a sample program, class demonstration or answer from a training course.It's main purpose is to provide an after-course service to customers who have attended our public private or on site courses, but the examples are made generally available under conditions described below.

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Past attendees on our training courses are welcome to use individual examples in the course of their programming, but must check the examples they use to ensure that they are suitable for their job.

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