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While writing the introduction to I was primarily concerned with the origins of the Jewish acquisition of this power or influence in Europe, the mode of its expression, and its evolution over the course of centuries.

Due to restrictions of space in the introduction to , I want to take the opportunity here to expand on one such example.

Another of their vital functions has been to monitor and expose “anti-Semites,” and to use legal systems in order to exact individual punishments, thereby making an example of individuals and thereby imposing a deterrent atmosphere on the rest of the population.

On Ask FM, he boasted about his religion and said he would want a gun and a bible with him if he was ever stranded on a desert island.

He was also a gay man so he was also not a very big person.

'[He was] a potential target for any crime.' Police have not yet offered any official motive for the murder. His last known whereabouts was with Woodward at the Borrego Ranch Park.

Mac Donald points out that this is normally done via extensive communal support for “self-defense committees,” which are a feature of every Diaspora population.

These committees invariably lobby governments, utilize and influence legal systems, produce pro-Jewish and pro-multicultural propaganda, and fund pro-Jewish candidates or initiatives.

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The pair had studied together years ago at a performing arts school in Orange County.

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