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Jewish america american dating

If they want just sex, they will tell you within five minutes. Ask them whatever you want to know, but be prepared for an honest answer.2. The military training, the greater genetic diversity (50% of Israeli Jews come from non-European backgrounds, unlike in the USA) and the Mediterranean weather produces some incredibly beautiful men.3. Israeli men usually spend a year travelling after the army in exotic locales such as South America and Asia. You can learn a lot about the world by spending time with them, and they will surely include you in their future wild escapades.If they want marriage, they will tell you on the first date. Sadly, many Americans, even American Jews, are not nearly as open-minded as Israeli men. Israelis often come from families who were devastated by the Holocaust and similar disasters, and giving up 3 years of their lives to protect our homeland grants them a unique angle at their Jewish identity I have not seen in most American Jews. Sadly, American Jews have assimilated so much that we know little about our own culture. I mean something more every-day, and yet more vital than religious tradition to keeping a culture alive.This free Jewish dating site contains thousands of Jewish singles.Create a FREE personal ad and start dating online today.About me sincere, honest, loving, patient man who seeks the same as i do, i...

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 40 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.Ever since I found myself in the land of milk and honey six years ago on my Birthright trip, I’ve developed a fondness for Israeli men. Okay, so maybe the last oh…hell, all of my serious boyfriends since then have been Israeli. And with intermarriage threatening the prospects of our people in the exile, why not expand our horizons to someone exotic, and yet not at all so…in fact, by dating Israeli men, you can discover more about your own culture than you ever will by dating an American Jewish boy.Here are some reasons why you should try dating an Israeli:1. Maybe it’s the take-charge attitude of the military, or just the directness of the culture. Israeli men won’t play games—they are totally direct.If what we’re talking about is an ethnic inheritance, but not one that defines us in an important way, we may rightly feel that “Jewish” makes a more modest, weaker claim than “Jew” — just as “I’m German” sounds a bit milder than “I’m a German.” The former is purely descriptive, the latter a bit proud.It’s precisely because “Jew” is a bit proud that I want Jews to use it more.

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