Is kareena kapoor still dating saif ali khan

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Tina’s nephew added that he is a Gujarati, just like they were, and insisted that she meet him once.It is not known as to how Tina’s nephew knew Anil but he managed to convince the emotionally broken Tina to give love a second chance.She had never met any man before who just walked up to her and said ‘You are pretty’, in a simple manner without putting up a show.Since both were Gujaratis, it did not take much time for them to realise they had a lot in common.It was here that she put some genuine effort in observing and understanding Anil.

But one day, one of her nephews told her about a certain Anil Ambani and his interest in meeting her.

In spite of Anil’s fascination towards Tina, it was nowhere close to a Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage yet, not until they met the next time.

It was a few months later after that Gujarati wedding that Anil was visiting Philadelphia for business related work.

Which would lead to the Tina Munim Anil Ambani marriage, but not before a lot of other interesting controversies.

Anil and Tina had a brief interaction and Tina told him that she was interested in meeting him again.

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But it is said that Tina was used to being approached by random men who would ask her out, and thus thought of Anil as yet another man trying to impress her.

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