Ireland dating site 208

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Ireland dating site 208

The safer option is to forward these attachments by e-mail from your home pc as they will be automatically screened by the mailsweeper software.

Do not open, detach or save any unofficial file attachments to your hard disk or any network drive.

Please beware of saving any documentation to the hard drive of you pc as this will not be backed up and will be irretrievable in the event of your pc breaking down. Obscenity, Child pornography and Incitement to hate.Any limitation of the employee's right to privacy should be proportionate to the likely damage to the employer's legitimate interests.An acceptable usage policy should be adopted reflecting this balance and employees should be notified of the nature, extent and purposes of the monitoring specified in the policy.The Data Protection Commissioner accepts that organisations have a legitimate interest to protect their business, reputation, resources and equipment.To achieve this, organisations may wish to monitor staff's use of email, the internet, and the telephone.

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Do not instigate or forward "unofficial mail" to users either within or outside the Office or send any material which may be offensive or disruptive to others or which may be construed as harassment.