Ios mail badge not updating Webcam sex

Posted by / 15-Aug-2020 12:22

So, when the app is in background, the i OS platform will wake up the app.

To show notifications, got to Secure Mail Notifications and under Email Notifications, turn on Show Notifications.After the app wakes up, it syncs with the server to download any new mail/calendar updates.This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people.If you use the stock Mail application on your i Phone or i Pad, you may have experienced a mysterious occurrence where the Mail app icon will display a red badge telling you there are unread emails when there actually aren’t any.No matter what you do, it seems that up can’t clear that inaccurate number of unread emails.

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The Mail app is no stranger to weird bugs, so let me reassure you here, phantom unread emails aren’t taking over your i Phone or i Pad.

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