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Inuyasha dating story with different endings

He has a dissociative disorder that causes rifts in his identity.

One portion of his personality is kind and gentle, while the other is menacing, bitter, and aggressive.

On his patterned sleeve, there is a black cloth wrapped around his upper bicep.

Ukyo reappears on August 17, seeing the heroine with Kent.

Ukyo agrees to Kent's vigilance and suggested he continues his alertness to protect the heroine.

Ukyo, then says "I hope you find happiness." to the heroine and disappears.

Likewise, on his jacket's left, there are also square-shaped silver studs running down vertically.

Ukyo's entire left jacket sleeve is patterned with black-and-white diamonds and a similarly-designed patch of cloth is designed on his right side, below the collar, placed parallel to the three studs on the other end.

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Ukyo doesn't care if she thinks he's a stalker or something for knowing her detailed schedule.

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