Introducing dating to youth

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Indeed, it could be said that the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), set up in 1844, was the first dedicated youth organization.These innovations largely grew from the activities of evangelical Christians.There were growing numbers of articles in newspapers, for example, about the problems facing young men and women – and the issues they presented to society.As public interest in ‘youth’ developed, by the 1890s psychologists such as G.As Jeffs and Smith (2010) have argued ‘Youth work was born, and remains fundamentally a part, of civil society.It is wrapped up with associational life, community groups and voluntary organizations’.

In other words, the significance of ‘youth’ as a category began to be recognized.This is recognized in Ireland where youth work is defined in law.It is to be provided ‘primarily by voluntary youth work organizations’ (Government of Ireland 2001). We know, for example, that those who belong to groups are happier and healthier than those who do not; and that neighbourhoods where there is community activity tend to be safer and economically active.Run by volunteers, these schools were aimed at the many children and young people who, by virtue of poverty, could not access other forms of education.They often met in far from ideal settings like stables, under railway arches, church halls and run-down houses.

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