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This can be extremely frustrating since often there was absolutely no way to know how you feel about something until you do it.If it’s a core value of yours, you as an ENFP will keep your word and commitments.In less than three minutes I had to stand up at Inbound (a major marketing conference in Boston) and deliver a talk to potentially thousands of marking and business professionals about using personality types to build Rapid Customer Rapport.And then I remembered to implement the very advice we teach ENFPs at Personality Hacker.An ENFP needs to feel that the people they love assume positive intent from them.Often when an ENFP is moving fast and connecting patterns, they might say or do something that unintentionally hurts another person.

She would then proceed to list all my flaws and shortcomings.

Most people think of ENFPs as “flighty” and hard to pin down.

They don’t believe ENFPs are capable of committing to much.

Since Effectiveness is concerned with getting things done, it can often show up when you have endless options and you don’t know which one to choose.

You may get into action or commit to a project before knowing it’s right for you.

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” Spend some focused introverted time thinking about how you personally feel.