Interracial dating essay

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Interracial dating essay

All relationships have their ups and their downs, their good times and their bad times, no matter who you or your partner is.When a person becomes romantically involved with a person of another race, negative experiences and problems between partners seem to increase.Racism, although it being a very derogatory and controversial term, is very much alive in modern day society.

Back in the day, the talk of interracial relationships or anything of the sort vas looked down upon.

Maryland was the first of the colonies to, in 1661, enact a law which banned mixed-race marriages, followed by Virginia just one year later (Moran, 19). The problems that are faced by interracial parents are mirrored in their children. Older children of interracial marriage parents also face problems. It can be seen conclusively, that parents, religion and the attitudes of people, in general, are the main causes to the friction in interracial relationships and marriages. When applied to interracial relationships, it is the cause of many problems, including family conflicts. People in interracial relationships have more things given to them to overcome, as opposed to people within their race having a relationship. Upon meeting "each others' families, interracial couples are made them more aware that their relationship is interracial".(1) 2. Which family members see it as an obligation ,and agree with an interracial relationship being wrong. Being able to love someone with a different ethnic background from yours will always challenge people who are racist, or people who are biased towards interracial relationships. When asked if their interracial marriage had effected their primary focus friends the majority said no.

People who are against interracial relationships should honor interracial romance. Only a few of the interviewee's had friends who were interracially married. Attitudes Towards Public Reaction and Controversy Surrounding Interracial marriages When asked if they felt interracial marriage is still viewed negatively, as in the past, all the interracially married interviewee said yes. They all said that it strengthened their relationship. However, when asked if they might one day be in a relationship with someone of a different race, all but 1 said ...

They would mostly conceal negative news such as abuse, murder, and rape of colored people. The popular media continuously reported the blurring boundaries between racial and ethnic groups ( Lewis. Studies have shown that, in general, Caucasians- which are people from the white race- tend to disapprove of the interracial marriages , while blacks tend to approve of them (“Interracial Marriage” Par. There are many examples of how kind of situation is viewed in real life.

Actually, “many enslaved women have accounts-sometimes numerous- of sexual exploitation y white men” (Feagin. One example of this can be seen in the motion picture of Corrina, Corrina.

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During the colonial era, both Black and White indentured servants came to America to work for a four to seven year period in exchange for food, clothing, and shelter.