Internet dating for intelligent people

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Dateable Dateable was founded in 1987 to combat the isolation and social discrimination often experienced by people with disabilities.Dateable is a non-profit social organization that welcomes those with and without disabilities.Non-Dating Disability Resource Section The National Organization on Disability It's ability, not disability that counts!

For centuries, disabled individuals have been seen as weak, sickly, vulnerable, non-sexual beings that need to be taken care.

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Meet Disabled Singles While there are individuals with disabilities on just about every dating site, there is something to be said for a site dedicated to connecting disabled singles.

Whereas we are independent, feeling, intelligent creatures that have the same desires needs and wants as anyone else." Outsiders "Outsiders is for people who feel isolated because of socially and physical disabilities.

The club helps them gain confidence, make new friends and find partners.

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Wireless, especially internet access through a mobile phone, has developed rapidly.