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We are told we have to stay until the trucks are unloaded but get yelled at when we get overtime because there are only 2 of us for the entire load.The manager that ha been the most problematic is Jeff Goodspeed.

Additional locations were opened in Ionia and Cedar Springs.Every kind of foul up conceivable to your imagination with every 90 day order.Web site changes, non filled /lost orders, calls to authorize credit card payment,orders ready to be picked up, instead of being mailed as requested, etc,etc.Fred Meijer took over the business when his father passed away in 1964.Under increased competition from Wal-Mart, Meijer has had to lay off a significant number of employees in recent years.

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Reply Dear Corporate Management, I am a customer and I have been shopping your store at Westport in Louisville for years now. Among other things: Rotten potatoes on special sale.