Hot cams

Posted by / 03-Oct-2020 15:37

Above 180 psi with old-school iron heads and 200 psi with aluminum heads, in theory there’s a detonation risk.However, in our tests both the AFR heads and the Vortec heads-both sporting modern quick-burn chambers-had no problems at 205 psi.

(If desired, an equivalent cam grind with the late nose can be ordered.)In recent years the contamination of the parts chain with inferior, cut-rate, foreign-made flat-tappet lifters plus the removal of Zinc dialkyl-dithiophosphate (ZDP) additives from today’s car and light-truck motor oils has raised some durability issues.Two different-length Comp pushrods were used: one for the flat-tappet cams, the other for the single hydraulic roller cam (see parts list).All tests were conducted on Westech’s Super Flow 902 dyno running 91-octane unleaded gas supplied by Rockett Brand Racing Fuels.Comp now offers its flat-tappet cams with an optional nitriding process that greatly increases lobe protection during initial run-in.For most grinds, this must be custom-ordered (use a generic custom-grind part number, plus a profile number; see table).

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