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Does the replacement of a fire alarm control panel require a building permit? What causes a common trouble fault on an Edwards EST-3 panel? Some fire alarm systems employ the ability to remotely download an activity log (to aid in troubleshooting a problem) or make changes (or additions) to the configuration software.In the latter instance, the download must be initiated while a qualified technician is on site (to initiate the communication between the fire alarm panel and the remote site).

Can I de-energize the system without risking more damage?It is my understanding that the BC Safety Authority quite clearly allows only certain qualified persons to perform work on electrical systems.In your opinion, how can an ASTTBC registered technician even touch electrical equipment? How do I connect a disconnected fire alarm speaker in my apartment?In your opinion, how can an ASTT registered technician even touch electrical equipment? You are correct in the way you interpret the rules and regulations.My understanding is that they are inspectors (and inspectors only), and cannot physically touch electrical components or conductors. When it comes to fire alarm system service, the BC Safety Authority (as do other provincial regulators) recognizes the difference between "installation" and "repair" (BCSA were, at one point, formulating plans to create a special class of FSR for individuals performing testing and verification of fire alarm systems).

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Notice how I've limited my answer to "replacement" and "repair" of existing components.

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