Help my my 17 year old daughter is dating

Posted by / 18-Aug-2020 15:05

Help my my 17 year old daughter is dating

Sarah Williams was 16 years old when she was diagnosed with celiac disease.Now 18 and a freshman at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, she says gluten-free dating has been a learning experience.

“When people go to college, one of our studies showed [they] often fall off the gluten-free bandwagon,” Green explains.

“Ice cream and ‘fro yo’ are my go-to’s,” Williams says. Going out with a group can be a good idea because all the social interactions can take the focus off of a teenager who has to inquire about gluten-free food.

The bright light of attention can get too hot for some teens when it’s just two.

Every parent of a gluten-free child has probably spent at least a moment or two thinking how easy it would be if their teen could find a date who is also gluten free. She and Taylor Miller, a gluten-free teen blogger, began dating in April 2013.

“I think it is great to be with someone you can relate to. We can eat the same things and cook for each other,” Rowand says. Kissing is a touchy subject that some parents and teens might worry about, even if secretly.

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Somehow the time has flown, and Emma, my 16-year-old daughter with celiac disease, is starting to date. What if her boyfriend thinks she is high maintenance?