Haaz sleiman dating

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Haaz sleiman dating

Walking corpses that cover about 1/100 of a mile and healthy, strapping humans are still running? Which leads me to the natural-haired, mocha-skinned beauteous actress, Danai Gurira, who joins season three of the on which the series is based.

Since I don’t know what the heck happens in the comic book, I have no idea if this character actually has a love life amidst stabbing zombies in the eyeballs, but apparently the producers are taking some creative license, so we can only hope.

I want people who aren’t gay to have more respect for us.

Haaz, who was the out and proud character 'Mo-Mo' De La Cruz in the beloved Showtime series, said he was inspired to go public after learning that more LGBTQ Americans have already been killed this year than the whole of 2016.What a swirl–Gurira’s parents are from Zimbabwe and Sleiman is Lebanese.Nous utilisons des cookies pour personnaliser le contenu, ajuster et mesurer les publicités et offrir une expérience plus sûre.The Covert Affairs actor also explained how he ended up calling himself straight while talking to The Advocate almost a decade ago.'I told Showtime only on one condition, no personal questions. But the LGBT mag didn't hold up their end of the bargain.'At the end of the half hour interview over the phone the idiot interviewer, whom I think was gay, asked me if was gay or straight (no personal questions)… Shame on gay people who are not kind to other gay people.Blindsided by the question, Haaz blurted out his answer without thinking. He did that on purpose.'In addition to his work on Jackie, Sleiman has enjoyed a host of other compelling projects.

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Whether it’s Islam or Christianity or Judaism, I hope people feel they are not alone and they are very powerful.