Goldfish dating

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When it comes to Wakin Goldfish, more room is always better, and if you want the fish to grow really large you need to keep it in a pond.

Many common aquarium plants are out of the question when you decorate an aquarium for this species.

Because its spawning time for koi and goldfish and the customer will soon have fish babies! One of those “seasons” in our ponds, is spawning season; which typically occurs during May through June.

Most pond owners are pretty tuned into the changes in conditions and “seasons” that every year brings us and our ponds.

The Wakin is not very aggressive, but it is a very fast fish and if you keep it in the same pond with “slower” swimming fishes the slower fish will probably never get a chance to reach the food.

People sometimes drive long distances, to our farm or our dealers’ locations, to find these fish.

We sometimes offer them in our online store when we have some available.

Wakin’s have gained more and more popularity with hobbyists and are easily kept in ponds as well as aquariums.

More and more people learn to appreciate their beauty and hardiness.

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