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They were asking questions, and he was saying little comments behind the scenes -- they edited a lot of sh-t out though.

That's why when he came from behind the camera, he was asking me who I am pounding -- who am I sleeping with.

He starting mentioning names, knowing that I'm f--king sleeping with him.

He just wanted people to know that we were sleeping together, so he could have f--king brownie hood points because ni--as ain't respecting his stupid ass. Ok, so how you make your dough? I do a lot of shows without an album deal, without a single, I perform.

I also got jewelry coming out, and I got my own reality show coming out too.

I am not going to say with who because the contract is not signed on the dotted line, but it's basically almost signed.

I got a lot of things on the table; I'm definitely doing more magazines, I got a couple more covers coming out. I'm curious, like how much were you getting paid to be in those videos like Ja Rule's "Holla, Holla," and Jay- Z's "Big Pimpin'? [Usually] 00 to ,000, including airfare, the clothes and of course hair and makeup.

I don't even consider him an acquaintance, let's put it that way. Yeah, sometimes it's a double standard.

Girls can say the same thing about guys, like you said he was your jump-off. What are you looking for a guy since your very much single?

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He was a mistake; we all make mistakes and I just moved passed that.

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